New Post! Spring!

May 20, 2010

Finally we ordered a new battery charger for our camera, so I have some new stuff to share. The babies moved in with the big pigs a few months ago, and everyone is continuing to grow!

Please ignore my ridiculous talking to the pigs in this video.

Gretel having a scratch


Gretel, Pip, and Scarlett doing some decorating



One Response to “New Post! Spring!”

  1. Love those piggies!! 🙂 I have a rescue/art fundraising project going on at

    I will be adding an original pig pastel to be auction off on e-bay soon with proceeds going to Happy Trails Farm Santuary. Thought I would let you know since I found your site thru Annette’s farm newsletter. After the original artwork is sold I will sell ACEOs (collectible playing card sized prints) thru e-bay of all the rescue animals with info. on each rescue on the card as a way to promote the rescues. The cards are an inexpensive way to help rescues and collect all the rescue animals you want! Thanks and give those pigs a scratch from me!

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