Obnoxious and affectionate, bratty and lovable… Pippi is a pig with a lot of personality. Pippi and Olivia met at Happy Trails when Pippi ended up there after running away from her farm. It was love at first sight. Pippi and Olivia shared many afternoons together: perfecting Pippi’s interior decorating skills (Pippi likes to decorate her bed with leafy branches), learning how to sit on command, and covering Olivia’s face in muddy pig-snot. Pippi is the reason Olivia fell in love with pigs, and one of the reasons Olivia and Justin decided to find a house with a bit of land and a barn.

Now, Pippi spends her time antagonizing her new sister, Scarlett, using her nose to open the door at night after Olivia or Justin shuts the pigs in the barn, and truly believing she’s still small enough to lie comfortably in her mom’s lap.

Pippi is not yet a year old and as of mid-December, weighs about 275 pounds.

One Response to “Pippi”

  1. Gramma D said

    I really like your blogh, description of your babies.

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