Scarlett is the sweet, gentle, nurturing pig of the bunch, really believing Gretel is her little baby to mother! She follows around the two-year-old son of a friend and neighbor, trying to mother him, too!

Scarlett, like Pippi, was adopted from Happy Trails and came to live with us the day before Thanksgiving, 2009. She arrived at Happy Trails after falling off the back of a truck that was taking her and countless other pigs to slaughter. She was picked up off the expressway in Trumbull county, Ohio on September 28. During her recovery, she quickly became the sweetheart of Happy Trails, making all the volunteers and visitors fall in love with her!

Pork producers send pigs to slaughter at 250 pounds, when the pigs are about six months old. With proper care, pigs can live past ten years old. Scarlett is now about 350 pounds and not yet a year old. She and the other pigs will live their entire lives with us, and die natural deaths at very old ages.

Scarlett mothering Gretel

For the full story of Scarlett’s rescue, please see the Happy Trails website and her article

2 Responses to “Scarlett”

  1. Amy Moore said

    Scarlett is definitely my favorite! I can’t believe how fascinated she was with Sutter’s glowing flashlight… and of course how fascinated Sutter was with her backside!

  2. Gramma D said

    I just sat down and read about all of the piggies. Very interesting. One day I will meet them in person and meet my new great grandpigs.

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