Pig Noses

December 25, 2009

Here are a few videos for your enjoyment. I’ll be posting more now that the holiday is over, I promise!

Meeting the New Brother

December 14, 2009

Well, ¬†everything went off swimmingly. We picked up the new little boy, Butler, this morning. I’ll let the video of him meeting Gretel speak for itself. I just went out to check on them and they were snuggled up together in the straw, looking as adorable as possible. I forsee a very close friendship coming.

As for the other pigs… Scarlett was very interested in her new baby and is very pleased to now have two pig toddlers and one human toddler (Sutter Moore) to look after.

Pippi quickly decided that the new pig was not, in fact, edible. Bummer for her.

Cap’n Butler

December 13, 2009

Gretel trying to decide if she REALLY wants a brother or not

Make sure to check back tomorrow to see what will surely be adorable footage of the girls meeting their new brother, Cap’n Butler. Butler is a bit younger than Gretel, and will become her roommate until they’re both pig enough big enough to live safely with Pip and Scarlett.

We’re adopting Cap’n Butler from Happy Trails. He ended up there a couple of months ago after he was found barely alive on the Towpath in Canal Fulton, obviously dropped there. The nice ladies who found him took him to Barberton Vet Hospital, and I volunteered to pick him up from there and transport him back to Happy Trails for Annette. When I met him, he was skinny, full of worms, but still the sweetest pig ever. We’re so excited to bring him into our lives, and even more excited for him and Gretel to have each other to play and snuggle with!

Check out the current Happy Trails newsletter to read Butler’s full story!