I was just looking at the Happy Trails Facebook page and came across some pictures (or as my brother made up: pigtures) of Pippi shortly after she arrived at the sanctuary. I had forgotten how little she was when she arrived! She’s not any bigger than Gretel and Butler are now in these pictures! It’s so incredible to see how she still makes the exact same expressions as she did as a piglet!

Okay, okay, I’m a pig-mother in love. I can’t help it; my heart went flip-flopping in my chest when I discovered these! Honestly, this pig is the reason Justin and I have pigs, the reason I fell in love with them!

This is such a typical Pippi expression!

The insides of her ears were completely black when she arrived; I used to just sit in her pen with her and pick gunk out of her ears! Cool!

I hope you enjoyed these. And if the volunteer who posted these on Facebook sees this, thank you so so so so much for posting them! You made my week!