There are many people who make our lives with the pigs so much easier. Every day, we appreciate everything you’ve done for our three piggy ladies… and one piggy fella!

Annette Fisher, founder of Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, for letting us adopt Pippi and Scarlett, for providing us with endless amounts of pig-related wisdom, for being generous with piggy supplies of wormer and de-licer when we rescued Gretel, and for all the work you do at Happy Trails.

Happy Trails Official Website

Porsche Fischer and Lifesource Yoga. When we first rescued Gretel, Porsche contacted us to ask if she and Lifesource Yoga could “adopt” the little baby. She has since organized a benefit yoga class, raising enough money to pay Gretel’s vet bill, and more benefit classes are on the way! It also doesn’t hurt that everyone at the studio is super-friendly, too!

LifeSource Yoga Website

Amy Moore, for agreeing to provide veterinary care to baby Gretel on a minute’s notice, even though she hadn’t touched a pig in years, for providing an endless supply of treats for the pigs, and for teaching her young son that right now, the pigs are smarter than he is.

The VegiTerranean, for donating a few buckets a week of their kitchen prep waste, and for promoting a message of compassion. The pigs love the variety in their meals; we never know just what we’re going to get!

The VegiTerranean Website

Jason Wolboldt, for coming out in the brisk November weather to help us build our fence. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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