Pippi and Scarlett live together. Their inside area is full of deep straw for the winter. During the day, they have free access to a very large, fenced in yard where they root up the ground, carry around branches, and munch on twigs.

Gretel’s pen inside is adjacent to that of the bigger pigs, so they can freely socialize through the fence. Gretel has two heat lamps, lots of straw, and some blankets to keep warm!

Gretel in her pen

The pig yard, almost finished

The pig yard, a few days after Scarlett and Pippi moved in


2 Responses to “Where the Pigs Hang their Hats”

  1. Gramma D said

    You are doing a great job, Olivia and Justin. This is so much fun to see and read about the adoptees.

  2. Mindy said

    I must say they did a fine job! It took our yard about a week or so to look like that. Paco and Persilla even rooted themselves a nice stream in the back of their yard. We plan on putting rocks on the one end and making a little pond for them.

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